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Welcome to the home page of Kingdom Enterprise. Jesus Christ is the King of the Kingdom of God. The government of that kingdom is on His shoulders. The word "enterprise" comes from a Hebrew word "tushiyah" meaning sound or efficient wisdom or an undertaking. May the Lord reveal His kingdom, His government and His tushiyah to your life. Welcome to the tushiyah of God and the Kingdom Enterprise.

The Kingdom Scribe

Welcome to “The Kingdom Scribe”, the scribing section of The Kingdom Enterprise.  Stay tuned as we post inspired teaching and prophetic words from the heart of God.

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Available to subscribers at an amount of only $20.00 per month, the subscription library will be providing on demand audio and video messages. Channel categories include: Apostolic, Prophetic & Domestic Forums Inspired Teachings from the Word of God Campmeeting Services Select corporate assembly messages Archived Messages from KE media vault Subscription links will be available soon.

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