Prophecy by 

Randy Shankle

Thus saith at the Lord, Have you forgotten? Did you forget that I AM the Potter and you are the clay? Do you think that I’m finished with you? Have you thought that I am done with you? You think wrong, says the LORD. I AM the Potter. I AM continuously working upon you, bringing you from glory to glory, bringing you to new realms, new understanding, fresh moves of My Spirit. I’ve ordained for you and for your steps, new adventures in My Spirit, signs, wonders, and miracles, that you’ve not seen. This is still available and it’s here for you to reach out and say tonight, “I am the clay. I am the clay, Jesus.” I AM the Author and the Finisher of your life. I have began a good work in you. I will perfect it, and I will perform it in your life. I will see to it, that all that I have ordained for you will surely come to pass. Not one Word that I have spoken to you will ever fall to the ground, for it is the time of the effect of every vision and every promise and everything that I’ve said to you. It is My harvest, says the LORD. It is time for Me to harvest My Words concerning you and this house. They say that you are small and insignificant. I say, I AM not finished with you. When I have finished with you, you will be large because you will be enlarged by My Spirit, says the LORD. You will walk in capacities, areas, regions, and realms, that you never thought were available to you. You didn’t think you could, but I said, You will! I’m the Potter; you’re the clay. Remember who I AM and rejoice in Me this evening.