Prophecy by Randy Shankle

October 2021

Is it not My right, says the Lord, is it not My privilege that has been given Me by My Father, to set the stones of this house. Is it not My privilege that I have set the members in this body as it pleases Me.  Have I not set the gift in the church as it pleases Me.  I will set new stones in this house now, says the Lord and I will cause this house to be progressive.  Did you not hear what the prophets said of late, that the effect of every vision is at hand.  I tell you now I have come for the effect of every vision.  I have come to  fulfill the progression, prosperity and the advancement of this house.  You have long waited for Me says the Lord, you have waited with hope and anticipation.  Some of you have lost hope thinking nothing would ever come to pass, but I tell you I Am the one that makes the past the future and I will make the future the present.  I will cause you to know now this day, this hour, that I am the Lord in the midst of thee. I will begin to set stones as it pleases Me and I will set them so that I can prosper and build Me a pathway says the Lord to the Prophets of God and the Voice of the Lord will carry you into the future and you will advance and prosper. You will prosper and advance because you are travelling the voice of the Lord again in this house.  I will cause a great, quick and mighty work of God because my voice will be set in this house.  I will set my stone, My Voice.  The Oracle of God will be set again in this house and the Voice of the Lord shall rule again in this house and you shall follow My voice. Follow Me says the Lord, and I will show you great and mighty things which you know not.