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This is the second book to the Merismos. This is where you will come to recognize that there are two manner of people within each of us. One God truly loves, the other is against God, and anything that would glorify God in our lives.

The first born (The Natural Man) is indulgent, selfish and all about self. The second born (The Spirit Man) is all about living a life that is pleasing to God and that honors Him (dying to oneself and putting God first). 

This book will bring a clear understanding to the reader of how we can know the difference between our humanity which is our firstborn and deity which is our second born in our everyday life. Everyday we need to deal with our firstborn so that we may live a successful life in our Second born. 

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The message in this book is “dividing asunder”, Hebrews 4:12. This book contains a unique revelation of separation of the soul, psuche, (mind, will and emotions) and the spirit, (pneuma) of a born-again Christian who is filled with the Spirit ruled life, zoe of God. 

Without a true Merismos, the dividing or separating of the soul and the spirit for understanding of what is of God and what is of the world, a believer will spend most of his Christian walk living in the soulish realm rather than living in the realm of the spirit. This book, if acted upon, will enable a believer to step out of the realm of soulish behavior, which is offensive to God, and step into the discovery of the great spiritual inner dimension.

The true power of a believer is in his spirit’s prowess and operation, not in the soulish overtones of the self-ruled life. This book will bring “separation for clarification”, needed for successful Christian living. We must be merismosed if we are to go “from glory to glory”.

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What is man? This is the question that has been debated by theologians and philosophers since the beginning of time. Where is the model for manhood? Where is our example? We have looked to our natural fathers, our coaches, our sports heroes, and our movie stars. But still there are no clear answers.

Why am I, as a man, here on earth at this time and what am I supposed to do with my life? There have been many “Men’s Movements” throughout the centuries that have brought men together to scream in the woods about their frustration over their failure as men.

Clearly, we are confused about ourselves. In this book, I want to help awaken you to God’s purpose and His objective to man’s creation. If you want to discover anything, it begins with our origin. A creator has a purpose in mind when He creates something, and He names that creation according to that purpose. Satan has succeeded in distorting our purpose on the earth.

Satan has created confusion about the male’s nature and purpose in order to neutralize men. We must clearly see our nature in order to understand our purpose. Genesis Man will take you back to the remembered species, back to the origin of man.

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This book will help women more clearly understand the role of women on the earth. Women have become dissatisfied with their role as a stay-at-home mother. They no longer want to stay home and take care of the home and family but would rather be out earning a salary.

As a disciple we should find out what sayeth the scriptures about our role and purpose on the earth. If we want to understand the role of a wife, all we must do is read our bible. This book will help to explain to women our purpose and role on the earth.

Why were we created and what were we created for? And what are we supposed to do? In order to find the answer to this, we must go back to the origin of women and find our place and purpose where it all began. There we will find our purpose and our role.

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The scriptures reveal how the domestic lifestyle should be under the Rule of God. Domestic Rule is revealed through the principles of Headship. “Headship Principles” reveal the order of Christ’s Government Rule. God is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of man.

Christ is the head of the husband and the husband is the head of the wife. The husband’s role is headship, not Lordship. Christ is the Lord of all, both male and female. The husband has headship authority not Lordship title.

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The Kingdom of God is the revelation of a King, His Domain and His Dominion.  It is a governmental society not a religious culture. In Christ’s government, He ordains elders, not pastors and prophets. The elders are ordained as both Shepherd and Bishop.

Bishops are ordained to oversee the souls of man, not the churches of denominations.  Christ is both Shepherd and Bishop of our “souls”. This book reveals how God rules His people through ordained elders, who function as Shepherds and Bishops.

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The purpose of this book is to reveal a different perspective of this verse. Most people interpret it as God giving you whatever your heart desires. Obviously this is not true. 

God gives you direction, leadership and guidance by placing His desires in your heart. As His desires overshadow your heart, then you can act on those desires, knowing that they are God given.

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This book gives a true revelation of the absence of true spiritual Fathers that will correct, confront, rebuke and cut away the carnal nature and fleshly behavior of Christians. 

Most pastors will neither confront, nor correct the body of Christ because they are afraid of offending someone and losing members and money.  The true Fathers of the Circumcision are bold masters of the Sword, they know how to cut off the carnal acts and behavior of the believer without fear or apologies.

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The new testament has mostly been taught from a religious filtering system. The words Advocate, Mediator, and Intercessor are all governmental and judicial terms. Intercessors and intercession has little to do with “praying for” someone, rather, it is pleading the case and cause of another to Christ our Judge.

The intercessor is taking the place as someone else’s lawyer. You are maintaining their right and pleading their cause. If you take the intercessor role judicially and not religiously you will win the case for your client, and in so doing, you will defeat the devil who is their adversary.

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I have written this book with the intent to reveal the true nature of religion versus the true nature of the Kingdom of God. The modern church has mostly reflected the feminine nature while the Kingdom reflects the true gender of a King and His domain.

The modern church displays its gifts, while the Kingdom displays the government of God. One has a pastor and one has both a King and Priest. One represents the autocratic system of Aaron while the other represents the theocratic system after the order of Melchizedek.  One ordains gifts, the other ordains governments.

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Jesus in His word reveals the ministry of the porter. He described the proper and improper way to enter the sheepfold. (The sheepfold refers to anywhere that believers dwell) How to come into a meeting or enter a home or  fellowship. A porter is always watchful about the goings on and who is entering. 

He stands by the door as a watchman. We are commanded to watch over the Lord’s house. A husband is the porter of his household, a wife is the porter of the pantry. What she brings home from the grocery store is what the family will consume. We are all porters in some way, whether it be in our personal lives or in fellowship.

The porter ministry makes you responsible for your own life too, what you permit into your life by what you watch, read and give thought to. This book will explain clearly what the porter ministry is about and what authority is behind the porter.  

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There is a vast difference between a Believer in Christ and a true Disciple of Christ. A believer can believe or not believe whatever he wants. A disciple believes what God’s word says. A disciple is a disciplined learner of his Master.

He is obedient to His word and commands. A Believer is a hearer of the Word, a Disciple is a doer of the Word. Christ built His Kingdom on Disciples and not Believers. Disciples are believers, the difference being that they believe in the person Christ as well as the Words of Christ.

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Our Father wants us to understand representation, and understand how we truly respond to authority when we are given a directive or command. Jesus was a true reflection of representation for us. Jesus said “I came not to do my will, but the will of Him who sent me”. Christ understood true reflection.

King Saul on the other hand substituted on many occasions.  When Saul was instructed by the Father to kill King Agag but he spared his life and all the finest animals. He had a better idea. (1 Sam 15: 19) The Father is seeking a people that will represent His will on the earth and not their own. To understand representation is to truly understand authority.

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This is the revelation of the “Double Portion” of each and every believer. God’s desire for you is to be as Elisha. Stay with Christ, follow Him steadfastly until you get the “Double Portion” your first few years in Christ was a “foretaste” of what is to come. Your latter days will be a “Full Taste” of the former days. The former rain and the latter rain together will give you the “Double Rain”.

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This is one of the most powerful truths that I have ever written. The Kingdom of God is within, your enemies are within you. The biggest problem is that most people want to blame others for their problems, and they marinate in their own victimized mentality. (Throwing a pity party for themselves.)

But Christ came to invade your kingdom and to overthrow your own rule and domain to establish Himself as both King and Landlord. Every enemy within you will be overthrown and defeated. You will then be  free of all  your defeats and demons that torment you.