Prophecy by Jeff Arrington

September 2022

Jeff Arrington
These next 25 to 30 years, I prophesy, we’re going to do more than we did the first 30 years. Glory to God! Lord, I thank you that we are going to take back everything that the enemy has stolen, our children! Decree a thing! Grand children! Everything the enemy has stolen! God, we take it back right now, in Jesus name! Receive it in the spirit! We take back everything! Every relationship, every dream, every vision, that God has given us! The high calling of God that has died in your spirit, God is beginning to resurrect. God says, “The next 30 years I will fulfill every Word that I’ll spoke to you, what I’ve called you to do. I am going to bring understanding, definition. You’re going to fulfill what I called you to.” This is a time to take it! Take it back by faith! The next 30 years we are going to do more damage to the enemy’s camp than we did the first 30 years here!!!