Prophecy by Jeff Arrington

September 2022


This is the hour of My visitation, says the Lord, and now I will take you and put you center stage. I bring you forward to center stage. And I will see My work, My glory, for you are My glory, the work of My hands, says the Lord. I told you, I put you on the wheel, My people. It was Me, the Lord said. I knew you before you were born. I chose you before you were born. Before you knew anything about your life, your weaknesses, your shortcomings, I chose you because I wanted to. I’m your Father, and I worked on you all these years to bring you to this day of My showing, says the Lord. I will bring you center stage. I will bring this house forward, for you have been chosen to manifest My glory! My glory! My glory! My glory! My glory shall surely fill the earth, My glory!