Prophecy by

Jeff Arrington


The Lord says He wants to avenge the lie concerning you. Some of you believed the lie that you couldn’t speak. He wants you to renew your mind when it comes to a kingdom of priests. He wants to activate that kingdom of priests in our generation like never before, but you’ve believed a lie. You’ve said, I’m not this and I’m not that. The Lord said, It’s a lie! If ANY man be in Christ, he’s a new creature. You’re taking some things over into the kingdom that He’s not said about you. He dealt with me about this a couple of days ago, about believing the lies of the enemy. Some of you were told from your youth you were not good enough, that you couldn’t do it—you’ll never be anything. Some of you were told that you came from the projects, or trailer trash, or whatever, but the Lord says, It’s all a lie! You’ve been born into a kingdom, born into prosperity. You’ve been born into royalty. But God says, Where is the faith of My people to believe what I’ve said about you? This week is a week you’re going to find the grace in the marketplace to be the witness that God has called you to be. This kingdom of priests is real to the Father. He’s chosen us to implement it in our generation. You don’t need a pulpit. You don’t need a——Jeremiah said, I can’t speak, but the Lord told him to open his mouth, and God said, I will fill it. Insecurities—lies of the enemy! God wants to avenge it tonight. He said, No, you were born into royalty. You were born into a house of Wisdom and Understanding. If you want to renew your mind to this Truth, say, You know what, God? I’m casting down these lies that were spoken to me from a child concerning my life. I know who I am in Christ Jesus now. I am ready to be that witness that You called me to be, that mouthpiece. Wherever You lead me, I will speak, Lord. I will testify of Jesus and the great things He has done in the marketplace.” It’s time to remove the Babylonian garments concerning a preacher. What is a minister? God‘s heart has always been a kingdom of priests that will testify of Jesus Christ. Are you ready to cast down those lies about your life? Are you a new creature in Christ Jesus? Were you born into royalty? Were you born into a house of confidence from your Father? He told me, No longer will you acknowledge that you were born in the projects. You were born in a royal house. You were born in a place where you can do all things through Christ Jesus! Not smart enough… Can’t do this… No more! All lies of the enemy! ALL LIES! Let faith arise in God‘s house! You talk about making room, faith is what God lives upon. Right now, we turned away from the lies spoken by the enemy, by friends, by parents, by teachers, by coaches, and cast them all down. We say, Let God‘s Word be true! If any man be in Christ, he’s a new creature. Grace now for you to speak as that royal priest of the Lord. It’s the God factor, and I know this house is going to the next level, next level in our testifying of the Lord Jesus. Did He not say, This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached as a witness? You shall be My witnesses. God‘s going to empower you to do so now. You are a kingdom of priests. God has called this house as a part of this generation to usher in this priesthood of Melchizedek. No longer just revelation, but we are going to walk in It like we never have before, and to God be the glory!