Prophecy by

Randy Shankle

Call unto Him right now! It’s not just a song. Call unto Him. He says, Call unto Me, right now, and I will begin to unveil Myself to you. I will show Myself to you. There’s a knowing of Me that I want you to have. There’s an understanding of Me that I want you to walk in. Call unto Me! Call unto me! The eyes of your understanding will be enlightened. Comprehension will be given. Understanding and knowledge will flood your spirit. There’s a flood coming of the Spirit of God. There’s a wave of God’s Spirit coming, coming these nights. A visitation, a flood is coming from the Lord, an invasion upon your own spirit to overwhelm you, says the Lord. You will stand in awe of Me, says God. When these days are over, you will stand in awe of Me. You will say, Oh! What God has done! What the Lord has done in me, for He has enlarged me and made room for me.