Prophecy by

Randy Shankle


I hear the sound of first the prophets. “First the prophets,” that’s what I heard. First, the voice of prophets. I hear the voice of prophecy! I hear that voice tonight! I hear the voice of prophesying! I hear that voice tonight! I hear the spirit of prophecy! I hear that voice tonight! These are the sounds of the prophetic, pneumaticos. Father, I want to thank you right now. I pray for the releasing of the prophets in this house, in the name of the LORD Jesus, both the doma prophets, the charisma prophets , the manifestation of prophecy, the Spirit of prophecy, I pray, release it in this house! The place is too straight! We cannot refrain! The Lord God has spoken, who can but prophesied? Lord, the spirit of your prophetic is shut up in our bones like a fire! Who can but prophesy? Release it tonight, Holy Spirit, and bring the voice of the Lord in this house with a free course, that the Word of the LORD flow like a river in this house. Let us not despise prophesying. Let us hear the sound of the voice of the prophets in this house. I feel that in my spirit. I hear that in my heart. These ears of my spirit, they lay hold of that tonight, Jesus. The sound permeates me. I hear it just like I do in my ears. I hear it! The voice of the Lord! Spiritual songs! Pneumaticos songs, born of the Spirit, brought forth of the power of God!