Prophecy by

Randy Shankle


The Lord God has spoken, who can but prophesy. LORD Jesus, this is a new dimension also. We’ve always had a prophetic, but not like I hear it tonight, not like I see it tonight. You are cultivating new ground, and You’re showing us new areas that You are cultivating already. An enlargement within our spirit. The prophetic voice is being released in this house. You’re already setting the order of the course. I want to thank you for it. Holy Spirit, I love your choreography. I love to dance with You. Move with Him in the spirit. Lead us, we love to dance with Him. He’s a choreographer. Just follow, don’t take the lead, just follow. That’s got that rhema to it right now. Set yourself in alignment, in harmony with the Spirit of God, and move with Him as He changes you, alters you, enlarges you, expands you, brings you the prophetic of God, the Voice of the LORD.