Prophecy by Randy Shankle

July 2022

                                      The Sonship Generation Job 14:13
“O that thou wouldest hide me in the grave, that thou wouldest keep me secret, until thy wrath be past, that thou wouldest appoint me a set time, and remember me!”
God has remembered Zakar. The set time to remember him has come. God has not forgotten His manchild, nor has He forgotten His promises to the remembered species. The Hebrew word ‘remember’ in this verse is ‘zakar’. Zakar is the name that God gave to the male species in Genesis 1:27. God has always remembered His male and His promises to the male.
The ‘set time has come’ for the next divine demonstration upon the earth. The next event and happening is already being introduced into the body of Christ. This dispensational event will take place with this current generation of Zakars, the remembered sons of God. This sonship generation is a jettison generation that has been set on a course of predestinated conformity because they have made contact with destiny/ Christ. The ‘set time’, due season, opportune time has come for that initial contact of the sons of God with the divine purpose of Christ in their lives. Remember your times / dispensations are in His

 hand and Christ is the keeper of your timeline. Your ‘set time’ has come, you have made contact with destiny.
Be prepared for a divine interference upon your heart that will redirect you and make you ready for the next adventures in God. The earth has ripened and the due season has come for a change in the spiritual atmosphere of the heavens, which will directly impact the earth with the manifestation of the presence of God and His Holy Spirit.
There is just a brief moment of being suspended until the Spirit of God prepares the sons of God for a thrust into the next spiritual domain of God’s divine plan. After this time of awakening and preparation, the next move of the Holy Spirit will be made.
You can sense there is a rumble deep within the heart of the Holy Spirit. He has been stirred and His movements have awakened the sons of God. The Spirit of God is causing a stirring in the realm of the spirit and all angelic spirits, demonic spirits and human spirits are picking up on the activity and energy that is being caused by Spirit of God being activated with a fresh and new beginning of His demonstrations and power.
This ‘happening’ in the Spirit is the beginning of an awakening. The Holy Spirit has received a decree that will unleash His power and demonstrations upon the people of the earth. He is unrestrained, unharnessed, and released to execute the power of the Most High. This rumble deep within His person is building into a crescendo of power. There is a building up of a force that cannot be harnessed or controlled. The hour is at hand for the unleashing of the Spirit’s force upon the earth. The volcanic eruption of the Holy Spirit’s force will forge its way into the lives of millions of believers as well as unbelievers.
This next event in Spirit will not be another old time revival, though millions will be revived. It will not be another ‘outpouring of the Holy Spirit’, though He will be poured out. This ‘movement in Spirit’ is an awakening to the very person of Christ Himself. The awareness of God will be unleashed in the power of the Holy Spirit. Atheists and agnostics will tremble and shake at the tangible and apparent presence of God upon the people.
The Spirit of God will rest heavily upon certain individuals, and those individuals will wear the presence of the Holy Spirit. They will be endowed with might and strength in the inner man. The force and energy behind them will make them impossible to stop or delay. All critics will stand silent in their presence and will acknowledge that they are in the presence of God.

 The Set Time For Zakar
This Pneumatikos Wave will only be ridden by the true sons of God.