Prophecy by James Hester

May 2022

Glory, glory, so much glory, an apparent glory, glory, glory; there’s a change coming in the glory.  Glory to glory; there’s coming an apparent glory.  Glory, glory, there’s so much glory an exceeding glory.  There’s a change coming, there’s a glory coming and a glory that excels it is called God’s glory.  Glory, an apparent glory. “I’ve decided, My children,” says the Lord, “to cause you to  walk in this glory.” Glory, shout glory! glory!  We are going from glory to glory!  Hallelujah! Glory to glory!  There is a change coming, now, in that apparent glory  Glory doxa glory, weight and splendor it belongs to You!  Yes, glory to glory.  I’m going, now from glory to glory!  Hallelujah, Lord!  Glory to glory!  There’s coming a change, now, in that abundant glory.  Hallelujah!  Come and see this apparent glory.  I am aware of that glory, His splendor, His weight, His abundant riches are coming, now, on this glory, the kingdom, all of the glorious kingdom.  He’s coming, now, in an apparent glory!  Lord, we thank You for your glory, today an apparent glory You put that glory on Your Son and upon the church, today! Today, we go from glory to glory!  Oh, this glory that remains, God! We excel, now, in this glory!  You put it on Your people, today!