Prophecy by James Hester

October  2022


The LORD says, I AM bringing fresh grace, fresh grace released to you today, to give yourself in areas that you were not able to in the past. Did I not say that I AM breaking through for you? Did I not say that I AM making room as you make room for Me? I AM releasing a grace today to offer up yourself in areas where you could not before, but I AM asking for these areas, says the LORD. I’m putting My finger on them, areas that you were not able to control or manage in your strength, but I AM giving you a grace today to offer that up. Even as My Son offered Himself up, not just gifted Sacrifice, but He gave His very Self, His very Life. Today, there’s a grace for you to taste death that My Life may come in in a new level, a new measure, says the LORD. Give yourself to Me. Lose yourself to Me, today. Make a decision to give yourself in this covenant and I will cut that off from those pieces that you do not like about yourself. Grace to give yourself as a willing sacrifice to Me today, for your High Priest is looking down, and He’s perfectly adapted to any need, any area that you struggle in. I’m here to complete you, says the LORD, to perfect that which concerns you. Yes, even you. To step in a New and Living Way that you have not known before, says God.