Prophecy by Jeff Arrington

September 2022


I see waves and waves and waves of glory from this house sweeping across the land. A new sound! A new scent! Sons that sit at the table of the Lord, being fed from His hand. He’s brought us to great health in spirit. Kingdom sons and daughters that understand the ways of the culture of His kingdom. What a weapon of choice, my Father! What an enterprise, my Lord! Your business, Tushiyah! Your enterprise! Oh Lord! The end of a thing, the end of Your work, Lord! God said, now, I will rest and watch My sons work! Watch My sons bring Me glory! Watch My sons build the house! Watch My sons prepare the kingdom! Watch My sons testify of My greatness! What a Tushiyah! What an enterprise! What a strategy, Lord! Master strategy, Lord! Now, unto principalities and powers, the Wisdom of God! Go to Marshall! The wisdom of God! Set at My feet and I’ll bring you unto glory! You just obey Me, son, and I’ll bring you unto glory! Stay with Me, and I’ll bring you unto glory! His handiwork! You are His handiwork! His workmanship! His masterpiece! Vessels unto honor!