Prophecy by

Randy Shankle

The LORD has chosen and ordained this week to set this house on a fresh and a new course, to turn it into a new direction. Before we can walk that path set before us, which is fresh and new, unknown to you and me, we have to be enlarged. Now is the time of the prophecy of change. Tonight, we change so that we can put off the old and put on a new and fresh scent in God. A fresh lifestyle, a new way of living in Christ. We have ridden this horse as far as it will take us. It is time to re-mount and claim what God has for us. I can see it tonight, the turn. I feel it, the turning. I see the turning of the body. He’s turned me months ago, and I have been enlarged, but now I rejoice tonight, because I want you to be a partaker of the beauty and glory of God that He has for all of us. To yoke with you and to move with you in spirit is my great joy. As Paul said, I have no greater joy that the sons and daughters of God, they walk in the spirit with Jesus Christ. They come into their sonship and the unveiling of the huios. They realize who they are and their potential in Christ and they settle for nothing less than that. Jesus, I thank you! You’re turning us tonight. The change is here. What You prophesied, what’s coming, it’s here. It has caught us. We have decreed it and it has caught up to us. Thank You for it! Now, look what He wants to do in you, fresh and new, fresh and new, Jesus. Call unto Me and I will answer thee and I will show you great and mighty things which thou knowest not, Jeremiah 33:3.