Prophecy given by Randy Shankle  October 2021

Thus saith Lord, I will strengthen you, says the Lord, I will bring new strength into your life and into this house and I will strengthen you with might by My Spirit in your inner man.  Your spirit man will now be strong and resistant to the forces of darkness of this world and of this era and the god of this time, what he has brought. I will bring to you the resistance to what he has brought  and whatever he has devised for you, and whatever he has strategized against you. I will tell you now, I will strengthen your spirit and your immunity where it will not prevail against you.  No weapon formed against you will prosper, says the Lord because I will cause you to rise up in strength and I will give you valor of spirit and you will have the power to resist whatever he gives to you. So stand strong in My name and believe what I tell you and bring forth the resistance to these powers that come against you, resist them saith the Lord and they will flee.