Word of Wisdom given by Randy Shankle October 2021

Apostolic Meeting October 2021

Our Lord is coming here this evening and is here already, but He is coming bearing gifts. He is coming bearing gifts Hallelujah! They brought Him gifts but now He has come bearing gifts.  Tonight He wants to bring an impartation to this house, to your life individually.  This impartation of the Gifts of God will have two primary elements to them, there will be an enablement with this gift and there will be an enhancement with this gift.  God will enable you and enhance you with an impartation that He is bringing to this house tonight, to you as an individual.  Tell Him right now “You’re talking to me Jesus, you’re talking to me personally, I’m going to receive an impartation from you tonight, that will enable me more than I have ever been enabled and that will enhance me more than I’ve ever been enhanced, to fulfill your will, accomplish your purpose, and to be able to extend your kingdom Jesus”, I thank you for it in the name of Jesus Christ.  

Paul said, “I desire to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift to the end that you may be established “, (Romans 1:11) and then James said, “Every good gift, and every perfect gift cometh is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights from whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. (James 1:17)

His bringing an enhancement and in this enhancement, listen to this, coming now, this is all a word of wisdom as well as prophetic, a spirit of prophecy.  But with this impartation, and this enhancement, help me out here Lord Jesus, I can sense this thing rolling, yes it’s rolling right here. What is happening is it is not only an impartation of  its own kind, which it is, the law after its own kind, but it is an amount, there is a measurement that will be given here tonight. So there is going to be a lot of imparting,  a lot of gifts being bestowed tonight but with every gift that is being bestowed He has laid upon it a measure, an amount that will increase your life and enhance your life. It’s coming by an amount, an amount it reminds me of Elijah and Elisha, he had a double portion. There was a double amount that came to one that the other only had a part of, but when Elijah imparted to Elisha it doubled the amount, it doubled the amount.  And right now, this gift Jesus that you are bringing not just a gift but gifts that are being imparted here tonight they are being measured by an amount given forth and I thank you for it. The more You give the more we are enhanced, the more You give the more we are enabled.  I want to thank You for it tonight Jesus, that You have given us more than we already have, You are going to enlarge us, expand us tonight.