Apostolic Campaign October Meetings 2021

Prophecy by Jeff Arrington 


For I the Lord says, did I not say that I would restore the prophetic voice in this house sayeth the Lord.  I will not only restore saith the Lord, but I will renew, I will bring power, I will bring strength saith the Lord to get the job done in these last days saith the Lord.  I will bring an anointing upon the prophets, the voice of the Lord, I will refresh you saith the Lord.  It is My voice that is needed in this nation.  It is My voice that is needed in the earth. The Lord says I have raised you up for this hour My people. I have desired a prophetic nation, you are My nation saith the Lord and tonight I bring a change of raiment, I bring a new mantle to you says the Lord.  This mantle is power, this mantle has the anointing to change lives. For My word in your mouth will not return to me void says the Lord. Those of you who ate at My table, those of you who sat at My table and fellowshipped with Me, the Lord says your word will be quick and powerful that will destroy the work of the devil, for there is a change of raiment.  Receive it tonight My people, for I have been working with you this week to change your minds, to bring you into the mind of the spirit. For the Lord says I could not put this new garment, this new mantle on the old, but now you are ready for the new, says the Lord.  Receive from Me and the power of the prophetic in your life will go to another level in your life. I will blow upon your spirit my people, I will blow and blow and blow in this house with times of refreshing from the voice of the Lord so receive it tonight.