Prophecy by Randy Shankle

October 2021

Thus saith the Lord, I will not leave you helpless says the Lord.  I will not abandon My people in a time of distress and trouble.  There’s where I will dwell in the midst of your distress and trouble.  I Have come to you, says the Lord in this hour because I am your battleaxe. Now I will be against your enemies, your enemies will be My enemies and I will come against your enemies for am I not your advocate, do I not come against all adversaries concerning you.  I am the one who will come and help you right now. I will not leave you without force, strength or might. I will not leave you in weakness, and in doubt or in unbelief because I have come to be a help to you right now and to lift you up says the Lord. I will not leave you and I will not forsake you. I will not abandon you in the hour that comes upon this land, and upon this nation and upon this earth. I will be strong in this hour on behalf of my people, says the Lord.  You will see My hand, the hand of my strength and the hand of My authority in the midst of conflict, says the Lord. This is My hour of visiting My people and strengthening them against what Satan has brought against this nation and upon this earth.  You will see My hand and I will be there to help and to support you.  I will not leave you without help.  I will not leave you helpless.