Prophecy given by Randy Shankle  September 2021

No weapon formed against you will prosper!  Whatever has been devised against you, to halt you, stop you, to limit you, to restrain you, will fall to the ground.   I the Lord, speak this to you, you will fear not!  You will fear nothing and you will fear not!  For I am going to make my Word good.  If I said it, and I have, I will do it.  And since I have told you, it will come to pass.  I’ve spoken it, says the Lord.  It is I who watches over my Word to perform it, to execute it, to make it come to pass.  So therefore lay your hand to what I have told you to do, and look not back nor fear the future.  Whatever has been devised, whatever strategies have been wrought against you with the evil one, it will be of no effect to you at all. This time you will not feel the resistance, you will not know the restraint of the evil one, you will not falter or fall back or lose ground this time. You will not know any of those steps, for every step that you take will be successful and prosperous and advance every step, every step, every step. You will not take two, three, four back, every step, will be forward, forward, forward.  So do not fear, nor worry about the past, neither the failures nor the successes.  For I the Lord will see to it now. I have put my Spirit upon you, the Spirit of God and of Glory, and this will surely come to pass. What you have been instructed to do in this house, you lay your hand to it, and it shall never fail, it will succeed!