Prophecy given by Randy Shankle  September 2021

There is a calling of the Lord. There’s a voice of the Lord to call the prophets of God from Candlestick to Shewbread. Come, come, come says the Lord, take eat and drink of this.  Take the koinonia, the fellowship of me with you now,  And I will change all perspectives of life about you. You will see and perceive things entirely different, if you will take, eat and drink of this.  Come to my table, cause yourself to rise up and move and come to my table and I will fill you with new wine, I will  give you fresh bread and new wine, and you will eat and you will drink of Me says the Lord. And then I will cause you and your voice to be current and now.  And people will hear the voice of the Lord, now they will hear it.  And they will come from the north and the south, the east and the west, they will come again to hear…“What sayeth the Lord”?  What is the Lord saying?  What is the voice of the Lord today? Where is the voice of God they say?  We have not heard Him in America for years,  I tell you now, the Voice of the Lord will once again shake not only heaven but also this nation.  I will shake this nation by the Word of the Lord, I will cause it to be shaken with such a force and a vital power, that they will know that the Lord is in the midst of them.  And I will raise up, a new form of a prophet, he will be fearless, full of boldness, full of courage and he will speak the Word of the Lord boldly and frankly says the Lord  He will be an outspoken vessel of mine says God. He will not fear the faces of others. He will not speak and tell them what they want to hear, but they have partaken of me and they speak what I tell them says the lord