Prophecy given by Jeff Arrington September 2021

For the Lord said I have seen the  prophets that prophesy for gain and money in this land, but the Lord says unto you,  I have found me a company of sons who will prophesy,  that will speak for Me.  And  the Lord says, for I am your father, I will open your mouth and you will speak sayeth the Lord.  I will cause you now to speak beyond your abilities. I will cause you to speak in the realms of the Spirit that you have never tapped before, that voice will be the sound of a trumpet that will bring my people together, from the North, South, East and West.  That voice will put down principalities and powers, it will shake and break those places where they have hidden themselves, says the Lord.  For My voice now will cover the earth.  For I have found me some sons that I have raised up by My hand, that will speak for me saith the Lord