Prophecy given by James Hester September 2021

For I have heard what the foolish prophets have said in this nation, and I will now begin to turn my face against them says the Lord.  I will bring my voice again, and My voice, the Spirit of Truth, will be heard again. There will be a distinct, clear voice that will guide My people back to Me says the Lord, not seducing them away from Me, but I will bring My children back to Me, to the Father’s House. It is the voice of my Son that I will now begin to speak forth, and I will show these foolish prophets what they speak of is false, it is not true, and I will bring again My True Voice, the Voice of Meaning, a True Voice of Meaning, that people will grab and say this is the Lord, I have heard from the Lord, and it will draw them back to Me, into a place of safety, a place of preservation, a place of security, cause they have heard from Me and not another voice.  But know this day, I now begin to turn again against those that say thus saith the Lord, but I have not spoken from them my people.  I will bring a division and a distinction, a clear distinction between those that say, this is the Lord and those that represent Me truly, says the Lord.  My Shewbread Prophets, those that have been with Me, I will endorse them but those that speak falsely, I will now turn against them and they will show the error of there way and things I will being to pass upon them says the Lord.